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13 Black-Owned Hair Care Products That Will Improve Your Routine

With so many amazing hair care products, finding the ones that will actually work for your particular hair is a never-ending challenge. Sometimes, even when you think you’ve found your Holy Grail, it just magically stops with your hair, and works vs that instead. Not to mention that changes in the weather also affect hair and how it reacts to certain products, so it’s always a good idea to experiment with a few throughout the year to find the right one for you. better.

As for me, I’ve been natural for over a decade now and I’m always trying to figure out how to take good care of my hair. I relied on the advice of friends who have similar textures, I watched a million Youtube videos foolishly thinking I could easily recreate the styles after watching once and even my hairdresser gave me advice maintenance. While these methods are often tedious—several times I’ve simply put on my beanie and called it a night—I’ve come to a comforting realization: caring for black hair, in particular, is a lot of trial and error. errors.

Because of this, I contacted you, readers, to ask which favorite black-owned shampoos, conditioners, accessories and tools make your hair routine easier, which you can find below. After all, no one knows how much better something works than the people who actually use it.