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7 Ways Black Hair Is Perfect For Goku’s Strongest Form

Akira Toriyama dragonball achieved an incredible level of success during his prolific run. dragonball remains at the forefront of the battle shonen genre and many series staples have become more important archetypes for action anime as a whole. One of dragonballThe most identifiable features are the many transformations the characters engage in to show off their strength. Bold transformations that enhance the user’s strength and physically alter their appearance have been a dragonball trademark since the first Super Saiyan.

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Goku is usually a pioneer in the transformation department and the latest happenings in the Dragon Ball Super the manga shows Goku reaching new heights again. However, the most striking detail of Goku’s new Ultimate form is that his hair color reverts to his traditional black, which in some ways is the perfect look for his strongest state.

seven This has never been done before

A natural concern for dragonball as he rotates through new and different hair colors for his transformations is that there are only so many options. It may seem lazy on some level to go back to dark hair for Goku’s strongest form, but it’s worth acknowledging that it’s at least an approach that’s never been done before.

The transformations into dragonball shouldn’t feel like they have to jump through hoops to surprise the audience or that they have to continually do something new. Goku’s black hair is exciting simply because it’s a change of pace for the show and the character. It’s a subtle approach, but one that gains strength through its simplicity.

6 It celebrates Goku’s individuality

Dragon Ball Super worked hard to put Goku and Vegeta on separate paths that celebrate who they are as individuals rather than unnecessarily following in each other’s footsteps. The series establishes that Ultra Instinct is a transformation that suits Goku better than Vegeta, but the climax of Goku’s battle against Gas pushes the Saiyan to a crucial epiphany.

Ultra Instinct requires a calm heart and mind, but Goku is able to develop his own version of this higher state that takes advantage of his brave values ​​and love of battle. In that sense, this state is pure Goku and a hair color that reflects who he is makes the most sense. He is not an unreachable Angel or God; it’s Goku.

5 It’s a more subtle look that’s easy to hide.

A useful item for all daring Super Saiyan transformations dragonball introduced is that they immediately signify a visual change to the character. There are countless scenarios where an arrogant villain starts tripping over his words after a Saiyan suddenly has yellow hair and an altered aura that generates electricity. This intimidation factor should not be underestimated, but Goku’s dark hair Ultra Instinct state is also capable of dominating from the opposite extreme.

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Goku can reach his ultimate power level while his enemy registers no change in him. In fact, many of Goku’s established rivals, like Frieza, actively expect to see yellow, red, or blue hair as a sign that the battle is about to heat up. Goku’s black hair eliminates this useful visual.

4 It connects Goku to his father and the rest of his family

A defining detail about Goku is that he is a shining embodiment of Saiyan strength and human empathy. Goku grew up on Earth and has a kinder demeanor than the standard Saiyan. Goku’s memories of his father, Bardock, are virtually nonexistent, so it’s a big deal when Monaito is able to educate him about his ancestor.

Goku’s knowledge of Bardock becomes a crucial catalyst for him in this upgraded version of Ultra Instinct. In fact, black-haired Ultra Instinct Goku specifically makes Gas think of Bardock, like he’s seen a ghost. This new look reclaims Goku’s roots and connects him to the family he built on Earth.

3 This puts an end to the ridiculous tradition of hair color

A dynamic change in hair color and style has become an expected feature of any new Saiyan power boost, but this convention has even become something the villains of the series laugh at. Not only have Saiyans experimented with yellow hair, but Dragon Ball Super introduced red, blue, silver and purple into the mix. Something like Super Saiyan Green looks more like a joke than a valid power boost, and it’s pushed dragonball in tricky territory.

Saiyans are so used to Super Saiyan yellow as a baseline that standard black hair is even a sign of weakness on some level. The smartest game then becomes going back to that black hair and reclaiming it as a Saiyan’s strongest form.

2 It sets new precedents for Ultra Instinct

Goku’s boldest transformation, Ultra Instinct, debuts during the Tournament of Power. There’s still a lot about Ultra Instinct that’s unknown, and Goku’s mastery of this temperamental state is a work in progress. Ultra Instinct is a Zen-like mode that isn’t specific to Saiyans, and it’s actually a perpetual state for the Angels in the series.

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Goku learns that there are different levels of Ultra Instinct, but the new plateau he reaches with his dark hair comes across as unique to him. Goku’s black hair, Ultra Instinct, is defined as his personal version of this form. If Goku can push Ultra Instinct to this specific location, chances are others can too. Different hair colors can signify its different levels.

1 He returns in a series that may be known for its excess

An inherent obstacle in many shonen series like dragonball is that it becomes increasingly difficult to move past past transformations and continue to make characters stronger. The transformations into dragonball tend more and more towards the caricature as the muscles become heavier and the hair lengthens. It can only be pushed until it borders on parody.

Akira Toriyama tried to bring his characters back to their softer designs that aren’t weighed down by muscles. This return to black hair for Goku’s Ultimate Ultra Instinct form is one of the greatest examples of how the show shrinks when his tendency is to get bigger. This is an encouraging direction for the future of living room transformations.