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Kriti Sanon’s Hairstylist Alia Bhatt Busts These Hair Oil Myths

With so many hair products available on the market, do you doubt the effectiveness of hair oil? A simple oil massage for your hair that’s rooted in Indian tradition, and even made an appearance in Bridgerton’s second season with the Sharma sisters, we might just have to give this technique the respect it deserves. ‘she deserves.

Even though hair masks, hair serums and other products promise to give you those luscious locks, the hair oiling method might be the best. Don’t believe us? Bollywood celebrity hairstylist Priyanka Borkar has a similar opinion. Speaking to The Indian Express, Borkar said hair oiling shouldn’t be a protracted routine. To get the maximum benefits, just apply the hair oil for 30 minutes and wash it out.

Borkar, who does hair to actresses like Alia Bhatt, Kriti Sanon and Kiara Advani, also busted a myth about oiling hair. The hairstylist said that applying oil to your scalp won’t cause dandruff. “Using coconut-based hair oil on dry, flaky scalp will help reduce flakes and moisturize your scalp, as the oil helps kill the fungi and bacteria responsible for the imbalance that causes dandruff,” Borkar said. However, she also warned that if your scalp is prone to flaking due to an oily scalp, applying oil is not recommended.

Those worried about hair oil clogging their pores should first determine if their hair is naturally oily. Borkar told The Indian Express, “If one already has an oily scalp, adding more oil might not be the best idea.” She also added that leaving the oil in your hair for more than half an hour or for a few days can draw dust and pollutants into the hair which clogs your scalp. Borkar recommends using coconut oil-based hair oils in such cases, as they penetrate deeper and leave a thin layer on top of the scalp, which helps repair hair from within. .

For those who have chemically treated their hair, Borkar recommends abstaining from hair oil for the first week only. The Bollywood hairstylist recommends using room temperature oil on the scalp.

Besides oiling the hair, one should also remember to use a smaller amount of shampoo. Shampooing your scalp frequently can strip it of natural oils that nourish hair.

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