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More on ‘Lightning Yellow Hair’

This weekend will bring us 1883 season 1 episode 7, a story that carries with it the title of “Lightning Yellow Hair”. Is this an Elsa reference, and is there another surprise or two to come? Let’s just say that in this world, almost anything is possible.

What we do know right now is that the wagon train has yet to arrive near Montana, and there are more problems around every corner. Take, for starters, all the river crossings that have been central to this story. Beyond that, we also have weather and unexpected threats on the road. There will also be a missing character in this episode, which leads to a frantic search to try to find him.

Below you can check out the full 1883 Season 1 episode 7 synopsis with more news on what lies ahead:

Elsa makes an unlikely friend. The group faces a harrowing challenge from mother nature. The camp is looking for one of their own.

By the end of this episode, we have a feeling we’ll have a better idea of ​​the remaining challenges that await most of these characters. Because this is a Taylor Sheridan series, it feels like there will be something epic and/or terrifying happening by the end of this season. Considering that Elsa tells so much of the story, it’s fair enough to assume that she survives for quite some time. we usually also need a few Duttons around to make sure the ranch gets off to a good start!

At the moment, we are also happy to know that we will have a new episode in less than a week. All of these interruptions can be absolutely frustrating.

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