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Stardew Valley: The Best Hair Mods

Valley of stars is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable video game experiences that gamers can engage in. The game exudes charm in every pore, with everything from the art style to the characters contributing to the lovable aesthetic of the game that so many players are completely enamored with.

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In fact, gamers are so obsessed with Valley of stars that there are thousands of mods that target every aspect of this game, down to the smallest detail. Even a character’s hair has been discussed extensively with these mods, as the large number of hair mods for Valley of stars being so numerous that it is downright silly!

Players who are absolutely determined to revamp hairstyles in the game should check out the following hair mods, which are the best of the bunch for Valley of stars.

Updated December 28, 2021 by Ritwik Mitra: Stardew Valley is one of the most popular games ever, with its fresh and unique take on the farming formula, making it one of the best experiences any fan of great simulators can go through. The degree of customization present in Stardew Valley is one of the many reasons it is so loved by the masses, and modders have taken it upon themselves to ensure that players can micro-manage every part of their character. This also includes the player character’s hair, with the following mods being the most popular of the bunch.

15 CRABBIT’s new hair

Egg Festival in Stardew Valley

There are several passionate players of Valley of stars who have released their own custom hair mods. CRABBIT is one such user who is clearly an avid Valley of stars fan.

Their hair mod is a great way to increase the hairstyles available for a character. These hairstyles are quite simple and a great addition for gamers who are not big fans of over the top hairstyles.


14 Hachio’s cute hairstyles

stardew valley wedding ceremony

There are several hair mods available for girls in Valley of stars. Hachio’s Cute Hairstyles is one such mod that allows players to experiment with hairstyles of their choice.

As stated in the name itself, these hairstyles are quite cute and make the characters more alive. This is a great mod for players who want their female characters to be incredibly endearing!

13 Karina’s long hair

Karina's long hair mod for Stardew Valley

While girls have a lot of hairstyle options in Valley of stars, some players may still find that it is somewhat missing. This is where Karina’s Long Hair mod comes in.

He adds a bunch of long hairstyles in Valley of stars for players who are particularly fond of this kind of hair. It is a simple mod that meets the needs of fans looking for such hairstyles.

12 Ace Hairstyles

Rarecrows Stardew Valley

Another user by the name of Ace posted his own hairstyles as a mod for Valley of stars. Unlike some of the original designs on this list, Ace’s Hairstyles features a bunch of recognizable hairstyles that have appeared in several video games.

These stylish hairstyles are great additions to the world of Valley of stars. It’s pretty expansive and makes each player character all the more unique and interesting.

11 Adventure time hairstyles

multiversus adventure time

Adventure time is one of the most popular animated shows airing right now. The fact that a modder has gone to the effort of incorporating a bunch of these hairstyles into the game is certainly to be commended.

Gather the characters of Adventure time in Valley of stars It might sound silly, but this hair mod is definitely a good compromise. The way he animates the look of a player character is certainly remarkable.

ten Improved and new hairstyles

Sébastien in the Stardew Valley

The existing hairstyles of Valley of stars are already quite diverse and interesting as they are. However, there is no denying that some people might get bored looking at these same vanilla hairstyles over and over again.

This is where the Upgrades and New Hairstyles mod comes in. It incorporates a ton of new additions to existing hairstyles from Valley of stars while adding her own hairstyles – 16, to be exact!

9 Recolored hairstyles and a new hairstyle update

Recolored hairstyles and a new hairstyle update mod for Stardew Valley

Players who don’t want existing hairstyles from Valley of stars to get too impacted you can go for this mod instead. He does a simple re-coloring of these hairstyles which doesn’t hamper the original styles too much.

Along with this, the mod also allows for new hairstyles. It’s a great way to update character hairstyles without compromising the basic aesthetics of the game!

8 Coii Hairstyles Pack

A wedding in Stardew Valley

Coii’s Hair Set Pack is easily one of the most popular hairstyle mods for the game. The changes it makes are simple but always welcome for players who might be fed up with the hairstyles present in the game. .

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The new hairstyles featured in this mod are quite simple and feature long and short versions. This is a great way to experiment with hairstyles Valley of stars without crossing a line.

seven Yuriyuri’s hairstyles

Yuriyuri's hairstyles mod for Stardew Valley

The players who play a farmer in Valley of stars may be disappointed with the lack of options when it comes to this character’s hairstyles in Valley of stars. Fortunately, with the Yuriyuri’s Hairstyles mod, that worry will be a thing of the past.

This mod adds 32 hairstyle options for the women farmers in the game. The simple but effective way in which this expands the scope of character customization in the game is indeed quite remarkable.

6 More hairstyles

A farmer in a field filled with stones, logs and weeds in the Stardew Valley

The simplest hairstyle mod on this list is also one of the most popular of the bunch. The simplicity of this mod, coupled with the recent updates it has received, makes it a great mod that any fan of Valley of stars should definitely check it out.

It might feature more options for female characters than it does for male characters, but it’s certainly not a deal breaker at all. All in all, any fan of Valley of stars who wants more customization options for their character will certainly be well served by this mod.

5 Hats won’t spoil the hair

A player and his horse wearing hats in Stardew Valley

Hats are a cool accessory to wear Valley of stars. However, most people don’t appreciate the fact that these hats spoil a character’s existing hairstyles.

Fortunately, modders have come to the rescue in this regard. This simple mod does exactly what the title says and ensures that wearing a hat doesn’t forcibly change your character’s hairstyle.

4 Cardcaptor Sakura Collection (Hats, Shirts & Skirts)

Card Captor Sakura's Sakura Kinomoto.

There are several thematic modules for Valley of stars which refer to various iconic aspects of pop culture. Sakura card sensor is one of those series whose iconic character designs have become legends among fans.

Cardcaptor Sakura Collection mod adds a ton of customization options in Valley of stars which are inspired by this series. This includes unique hats, shirts, skirts and of course new hairstyles too!

3 Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Woman Hair And Shirts

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

the Danganronpa The series is considered by many to be one of the best mystery franchises to come out in quite some time. Of course, the fact that this game also features some amazing character designs is remarkable in itself.

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It’s a shame that this mod only features the female hairstyles and outfits of these characters. However, it’s still a welcome inclusion that any fan of both Danganronpa and Valley of stars is bound to appreciate.

2 Sailor Moon Hairstyles Clothing and Kimono

Sailor Scouts posing on a rooftop at Sailor Moon

Another hugely popular series that has become notable for its excellent character design is sailor moon. So it was obvious that modders would find a way to represent this series in Valley of stars also.

The name of this mod itself should be pretty self-explanatory. He adds a bunch of new hairstyles and clothes (including a kimono!) That serves as a benchmark for the sailor moon series.

1 Babies Are Looking After Their Spouses And New Hair And Toddler Clothes

Babies in the Stardew Valley

Out of all the mods on this list, this particular mod has some bonus hairstyles. Most of this mod is aimed at making kids remember more of the spouses players hang out with.

The end result is a mod that makes character progression feel more fleshed out and realistic. This is easily one of the best mods for Valley of stars by a mile of country and a must-see for gamers who enjoy consistent story progression in their games.

Valley of stars was released on February 26, 2016 and is available on PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation Vita.

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