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Tiffany launches makeover after major weight loss

Tiffany Franco is experimenting with her hair after losing over 60 pounds in the past year. She amazes 90 Day Fiancé fans with her new long locks.

Old 90 day fiance Cast member Tiffany Franco recently flaunted her amazing new hairstyle on Instagram after losing a lot of weight. The 30-year-old reality star was last featured on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? season 6 with her husband, Ronald Smith. While the season ended on a happy note for the couple, the past year had been quite difficult for Tiffany. She announced her separation from Ronald due to personal differences. But she didn’t let the separation stop her from achieving her other life goals. In 2021, she focused on her fitness journey and underwent weight loss surgery.

In mid-2021, Tiffany lost 70% of her belly weight thanks to gastric sleeve surgery. She then dieted with appropriate supplements to amp up her fitness journey. At the end of 2021, Tiffany shared that she was 61 pounds lighter. She said 90 day fiance viewers that she needed to lose 40 more pounds to get the desired physique. More recently, Daniel and Carley’s mom posted a few photos on Instagram celebrating her weight loss progress in a blue dress.


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As Tiffany continues her fitness journey, she’s also focusing on her style. The mother-of-two recently shared a video showing off her new hair transformation and looked happy while doing it. She captioned the post thanking her hair studio. She wrote, “THE INCREDIBLE @minishairmakeup @bmhairstudio_ always kills my hair.In the video, Tiffany first showed off her old shoulder length haircut. She then showed off her incredible long, loose curls, which fans complimented. 90 day fiance fans reacted positively to Tiffany’s new hairstyle.

One fan wrote: “I love your talent for hair and makeup, maybe they (90 days) can hire you to do makeovers in the last 90 days. Another asked the 30-something to reveal how she got such a great hairstyle, commenting:Girl what hair tool do you use holy.“Since Tiffany didn’t experiment with her hair color, someone else said:”Beautiful as always but I would like to see you with a blonde in your hair.”

Tiffany looked amazing with her new long hair transformation. Fans left many positive comments on her post. Next time she’s in the mood to experiment, some want her to color her long locks blonde. It’s great to see Tiffany focusing on herself after facing so many challenges in her marriage to Ronald. Numerous 90 day fiance viewers may not have liked her in the past, but they certainly respect her hustle nowadays. Hopefully Tiffany will continue to inspire fans with updates on her fitness journey and being the most confident herself. While her husband left with another woman, 90 day fiance fans are hoping Tiffany finds someone she deserves this year as well.

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