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What Happens To Your Hair When You Only Wash With Micellar Water?

According to Brit + Co, micellar water did work in place of shampoo. However, the person who tested it found it impractical to fully replace shampoo because it left her hair without its usual shine and softness. Another downside is that it took an entire bottle for somebody with long hair to coat it entirely. However, Real Simple suggested that using the product on your hair could work well in place of clarifying shampoo since it purifies your scalp. The best news is, it’s not as harsh as other products, so it doesn’t strip your hair’s natural oils. 

Dereq Clark, a hairstylist and Wella Professionals Brand Ambassador, told Real Simple, “It helps to counteract minerals and heavy metals found in traditional tap water. In addition, micellar water is typically infused with mild surfactants for breaking down oils.” The product can help remove hair products and sebum from your scalp and hair. When occasionally used in place of shampoo, you can reap additional benefits of micellar water. Check them out below.