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What is Florence Pugh’s natural hair color?

Florence Pugh has been a bit of a chameleon with her hair lately. While the British actor typically wears his hair blonde and down to the shoulders, she recently cut everything and dyed it brown for a hot second before turning fiery red. Soon after, however, she bleached her short hair. All of that to say: Pugh is no stranger to changing up her look, though she always goes back to her signature blonde. But is blonde her natural hair color? Well, it’s complicated.

Pugh shared a handful of photos on Instagram during her childhood years, and it’s easy to see that she was a blonde kid. She had naturally blonde hair when she was very young, but like most children her hair color changed with age. In 2018, she shared a photo of herself where you can see her hair had turned a dirty blonde but was still fairly light. As with most naturally blonde hair, Pugh’s had a lot of natural dimension, with multiple undertones.

We’re confident to guess that as an adult, Pugh’s hair got a bit darker into a naturally light brown shade. Although she doesn’t usually wear brown hair, she does sometimes. In 2017, she had brown hair for quite a while, and while it was probably a little darker than her natural shade, it was much closer than her current blonde.

Always a fan of turning things up, Pugh has tried every hair color on multiple occasions, from rainbow hues to a rich auburn red, and even, finally, some mysterious colors. Its length comes and goes too. She made a huge hit in 2018, writing on Instagram at the time, “OH MY GOD IT HAPPENED. The mane is gone. That’s right, it’s a weird sight. countdowns and regular breaths but eventually half of it was gone. What I do for my job … * eye rolling * “

Alas, one of the easiest ways to determine Pugh’s natural color, amid all these changes, is to simply look at his roots when his hair is blonde. You can hide a lot of things with your hair, but when your roots start to show up they tell their own story of what your hair really looks like. And when the Environment the actor has his blonde hair and some roots sticking out through, it is brown. So we call it: Pugh’s natural hair color is a brown, even dirty blonde undertone.